About us

Peppler Barry Galerie (PBG) is a small independent company based in Paris and in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It was founded as a social enterprise by Ulrika Peppler Barry and John Christopher Barry to promote arts and crafts from emerging countries, working directly with artisans.

Ulrika Peppler Barry worked for UNESCO and UNICEF for over 20 years.

John Christopher Barry is a researcher in social anthropology, a filmmaker and photographer.

The PBG ethical luxury fashion line is created in collaboration with Kids Ark Foundation, Thailand. All models are manufactured using hand-woven fabrics made by Chiang Mai village women. The bags are handmade in Chiang Mai, using the finest traditional crafts and materials.  









PBG believes in quality, ethical trade practices, and sustainable fashion. We believe that good design is about the lasting power of the product, moving away from trends toward an aesthetic which embraces creativity, personal expression and timeless style. Keeping traditional methods and weaving techniques alive also gives vibrancy and meaning to what we wear and how it was made.

Working with women weavers, in collaboration with Kids Ark Foundation, we produce high-quality attractive bags for the international market. Kids Ark aims to break the cycle of poverty for children and women in Northern Thailand.

Working according to tradition on back strap looms, these gifted women can now with our help have access to the international market.

Northern Thailand owes part of its cultural wealth to the diversity of its populations that have settled in the country through the ages, bringing with them their culture, languages, beliefs and aesthetic traditions. Most of these people migrated from surrounding countries such as China and Myanmar and settled in the mountains of Northern Thailand. They practice subsistence farming and household-based handicraft production and wage employment as secondary sources of income.

By purchasing a PBG bag, you help preserve one of northern Thailand's oldest and most precious arts, the art of weaving.