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Traditional patterns and contemporary design. All our bags are handcrafted in Northern Thailand.

PBG PARIS Bags of Hope Backpack

Proceeds from our bags benefit the Kids Ark Foundation House of Hope programme in Thailand, that helps disadvantaged Thai and ethnic minority children go to school.

An ethical fashion initiative, PBG seeks to make a difference in the lives of poor communities in Northern Thailand by working with local women artisans to produce high quality fashion.

The hand-woven fabrics are made on back-strap looms by Chiang Mai village women. Experts in creating unusual weaving patterns, these women are the talented artisans whose work underpins the PBG collection.

PBG collections blend traditional Thai weaving techniques with contemporary Parisian chic. Handmade in high-quality leather and styled for conscious, modern living, each creation is a statement.

The collections include a range of bag styles for men and women, including rucksacks, totes, clutches and bucket bags.
Working with talented women with skills going back to their cultural heritage has enabled PBG to produce authentic ethical fashion goods.

Good design is not trendy. It is timeless, wearable and becomes more beautiful the longer its story is told.

By purchasing a PBG bag, you help disadvantaged children finish school, and you also help preserve one of northern Thailand’s oldest and most precious arts, the art of weaving.

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